Welcome, New Teachers!

So we’re Tom and Neil, the newest teachers at CD5, and we have been here for just shy of four months now as of when we write this.

It’s a really good school to work in as everyone is always aiming to support one another and support each other, with a great familial atmosphere and camaraderie. They do really become your CD5 EF family! The staff at CD5 are all really welcoming, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions, no matter how silly you think it may be.

Tom would like to point out that there are a few terms with which you’ll get to grips with and hear bandied around the office an awful lot:


-        PA (Progress Advisors) – someone who will help you liaise with parents and communicate with the children, typically they will be in class with you to help teach and interpret. You should try and work together as a team as much as possible (they’re the source of all knowledge).

-        TA (Teaching Assistant) – a part-time classroom assistant. They won’t know the children as well as you or the PA, but will help you with interpreting in class.

-        CC (Course Consultants) – someone who liaises with parents on more financial and business aspects, such as course sales post-demo classes.

-        Lifeclub – This is a session, on a weekend, where you will practice language through a real-world activity and is less-structured than a classroom session as it focuses on incidental learning, kinesthetic learning etc. This could be baking cookies, ice-skating etc. You will need to liaise with your PA or lifeclub leader on supplies, it is dual-responsibility.

-        AC (Achievement Ceremony) – This is a session at the end of a book to which the parents are invited to review the book the children are completing, and demonstrate what they have learnt. At the end there is a mini graduation ceremony.

-        OL (Open Lesson) – This is a lesson during the course that is in front of the lessons and planned for you, though there is flexibility, and you can aim to get the parents involved.

CD5 is to the South of city, and can be reached in a variety of ways:

-        Many foreign teachers life in areas such as 桐梓林(Tongzilin) and the 115> Global Centre > 26 > Saiho Mall run frequently and will cost you about ¥4

-        From Tongzilin Metro station you can grab the metro to Century City and the 185 bus from the crossroads to work

-        Or you can grab a taxi which some of the staff do in the evenings together. This will cost about ¥20, so about ¥5-6 if you manage to fill the taxi.

Our mall/shopping centre, is Saiho Mall and we are based on the 3rd floor (or 2nd floor in English as the ground floor is 1st floor in China). In the mall there are all the amenities that you would need, clothes shopping, a gym which many staff frequent and gave us discount, cinemas, bookstores etc.


Finally, just a bit on food and eating. In Saiho there is a range of options and the teachers all tend to eat together, often with other teams i.e. PAs and CCs.
Often we eat at Mr Rice (Tom’s favourite place to eat) on -1 floor, which is a canteenesque restaurant where lunch/dinner comes to about ¥20, and the amount of rice alone that they give you is often enough to fill you up!

There are also other options including dumpling bars where you can make a sauce according to your preference for sweet/sour/spicey/salty/bitter etc. and you can even add MSG if you really want(?!). On the top floor, as is standard fare, is the food court where we often eat at weekends; this has a whole host of options and different types of restaurants.

Work Address:


Tongzilin, Carrefour, Xin guang lu: