The cure for anything is salt water--- sweat, tears and hotpot. This is firmly believed by the academic staff in CD3, and there are only two occasions which are absolutely mandatory: staff meetings and hotpot night. We have hotpot for welcoming the new, saying farewell to the left, celebrating and curing as it is mentioned. Hotpot is a shot in the arm. In April, we warmly welcomed Will and Sophia aboard. Will, a Londoner who first came to china after graduating one year earlier, had his first hotpot and now is an official first-time teacher in CD3. Thanks to Sophia the average height of the local teachers has been raised substantially. She would not mind you calling her Bai baihe (a famous actress in china).

CD3 April 1.jpg

Monthly show of April

 On the 23rd the April monthly show was successfully hold by Little and Hennie. Stirred up from Hennie’s guitar opening show, the candidates were all full of enthusiasm and energy. I am looking forward to seeing next month’s show with Little dancing in the opening (she is learning Jazz on every off day). All I can say is that both the students and teachers at CD3 are talented.

They love trying and are never afraid of embarrassing themselves.

April Firsts

Everyone has their first time, here’s to the first time.

On April 1st, Demi and Darran separately had their first summer course training and TB training. It was April Fools' Day but we treated it seriously and conscientiously. Thanks for your preparation, we have a better understanding of the summer course (insert applause).

First-time teacher Will had his first life club for HF, the smell of the cocoa butter cookies he made with his students is still haunted in my mind. One small suggestion though, less sugar next time.  

Hennie and Little had their first Demo, the competition for the demo king and queen is getting fiercer now.

Darran had his first Achievement Ceremony for HFI classes, it’s worth mentioning that being a Foreign Teacher here for more than 2 years, you never stop having something new.

Happy birthday to you!

Someone says that the only thing you can get without hardwork is your age. Well, that’s not true, there are weight, wrinkles and troubles for no reason. I would like to end my first blog with something cheerful, because Darran celebrated his 18-year-old birthday AGAIN on his working day on April 26th while Rista had her special birthday at hangzhou west lake during her annual leave on April 27th  

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued..........