Why are you here? My Dream Job

Why are you here? 

It’s been your dream to be a teacher. You love learning and children. You wanted to travel. You have loans you need to pay off, and this was a good opportunity to become debt free. You thought you could get a long summer vacation. 

We all have different reasons for being here and no one reason is any more valid than the next. However, has it always been your dream to be a teacher? Think back to what you wanted to be in middle school and high school. Those big dreams to be a lawyer or a doctor. Or perhaps you had sillier ideas about the ideal career as a child. Maybe, like me, you dreamed to be a fairy or a princess or a wolf. 

In my Trailblazers 3 class we are currently on the unit about jobs, and I asked my students to write about their dream job. Below is an answer I received from my student Corine. I found it inspiring and it reminded me that at one point I had wanted to be a photographer, so, next week I am going to buy a camera and start shooting again. I hope that Corine’s words can spark an old flame in other reader’s hearts too. Enjoy! Thank you again, Corine, for the thought you put into your answer. 

My Dream Job 

There are too many kind of jobs the world, such as a writer, actor, doctor, nurse…but different people choose different jobs as their ideal careers. This is because everyone has their own interest. In the future I want to be a doctor because doctors can help sick people and make them healthy and happy. However, many people think the hospital is dirty and smells of disinfectant. Also, it's easy for doctors to become ill. Maybe when I am a doctor I won’t mind it. Why? Because I love this job very much. I can prescribe medication for the patients. I believe my dream will come true one day. To be a doctor is good for me, and I will try my best to help sick people. If one day my medical skills are very good I might be able to teach abroad. Never, never give up. 

“Why are you here?” written by Angelica 

“My Dream Job” written by Corine



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