Goodbye to Old Friends and Hello to New Ones!

As happens in all walks of life, people come and go, they cross our paths, touch our lives, and then go on to pastures new. 

Sadly, in the past few months Daniel, Viola, and Alice have moved on to new plans and projects. For example, Daniel is returning to the UK to teach refugees English, so EF has helped him lay the groundwork for his new job, and he has transferred much of what he learnt and taught here elsewhere to help people in their new lives.

CD5 Goodbye 4.jpg

A KTV and dinner send off was what was, obviously, required for one of our dearest friends who helped mentor many a teacher, coordinate a summer course, run a hub training and so much more.

In recent weeks, we have taken on a few new teachers: Kate and Sally who were thrown in the deep end teaching Summer Course within their first few weeks, but took to it like ducks to water. And this week, Emlyn has arrived from Scotland, so what else is there to do to when someone arrives in Chengdu but to introduce them to Sichuan hot pot?

Great dinner, great time, great friends, great team!