Class Management - Class SSB 54- Donovan Goosen

Report: I have been tasked with undertaking the reform and management of a difficult and poorly behaved class over the previous three months, turning around their behavior as well as improving the lagging test results of the entire class. This is my journey with SSB 54.

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It is axiomatic to say this would not be an easy process, but I strongly believed consistency was the key to solving this problem. I HAD a trouble class, now it's my star class, full of capricious and difficult students infamous throughout the staff. SSB 54 had more than six different teachers, each absquatulating over a period of three months, also leading to mismanagement and confusion. The school did try to amend this issue by providing extra ACH to focus specifically on classroom management and behaviors. This failed to appease anger and rancor among parents as the students continued to be loud, disruptive and struggled with their academic progress. I approached this problem in a number of ways, rewarding the students consistently in every class for the smallest examples of good behavior. Positively reinforcing them, if they’ve done something good they received a high ten, if they answered correctly I gave them a low five.

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Students became more intrinsically focused on getting the high ten that they began to produce excellent levels of language as a byproduct of their new-found motivation. I repeated this constantly over a three-month period interspersing added stars and vocal encouragement, eventually fading out the leveled rewards just giving them high tens all the way demanding high level language production. This transformation, while approached with a simple, habile strategy, it was in fact anything but. It was an arduous, yet fulfilling task, requiring commitment and pre-emptive thought that ultimately has curtailed my most difficult experience so far that at the same time has been my most rewarding and ultimately enjoyable one.

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