Traveling on Your Days off- Shannon Naude

One of the things most EF teachers have in common (other than the fact that we all teach English) is the want to travel. We all picture holidays in Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Beijing, Hong Kong and the list goes on – we forget about all the places there are to see in and around Chengdu; places you can visit on your days off, which means you can save your leave for all those picture-perfect holidays you’ve been imagining since the day you found out you were coming to China.

·         Here is a list of places you can visit in Chengdu on your days off.

Chengdu Panda Research Base

Chengdu is the place to be if you love pandas! It’s one of the first things that comes up when you Google Chengdu. It’s a very easy half-day trip and it doesn’t cost much either! It’s a good idea to get there early because the pandas are most active in the morning.

panda base.jpg


How to get there?

Take the Metro Line 3 (pink line) to ‘Panda Avenue’

Follow the signs out of the station for the panda base

There are always rows of buses outside the station waiting to take people to the base – the yellow buses cost ¥60 and include your entrance ticket to the base.


Happy Valley is the theme park in Chengdu. It has a few rollercoasters, a bunch of spinning rides and a water park with some really cool water slides.

Happy Valley.jpg



Tianfu square is a must-see in Chengdu as this square is the ‘symbol of Chengdu.’ There are musical fountains on the square and a statue of Chairman Mao. There are also a bunch of museums surrounding the square: Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, Sichuan Art Gallery, Chengdu Museum, Imperial Mosque, Jincheng Art Palace.

Tianfu Square.jpg

How to get there?

You can take Metro Line 1 (Purple Line) or Metro Line 2 (Orange Line) to Tianfu Square.



Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street is a cool place to wonder around, across the street is Tai Koo Li which has a lot of restaurants that serve Western food.

IFS is a mall in Chunxi Road with designer brand clothing stores as well as your well-known Western shops like H&M and Zara. The mall also has an ice rink and tenpin bowling.


How to get there?

You can take Metro Line 2 (Orange Line) or Metro Line 3 (Pink Line) to Chunxi Road.



The Wide & Narrow Alleys are a popular tourist destination in Chengdu; there are restaurants, pubs, teahouses and loads of small souvenir shops. These alleys were renovated but date back to Qing Dynasty and so they give you an idea of what ancient city alleys looked like.

It’s a nice place to wonder around and explore all the little shops along the streets.


kuanzhai xiangzi.png

How to get there?

Take Metro Line 4 (Green Line) to Wide and Narrow Alleys.



Jinsha Site Museum is a world-renowned archaeological dig site which was happened upon accidentally during real estate construction in 2001. It has been turned into a museum with 4 parts to it – Relics Hall, Exhibition Hall, Cultural Heritage Protection Center and an Ecological Garden.

This site dates back to 12th-7th century B.C. and is the site where the ornament that has become the symbol of Chengdu was unearthed: “The Sun and Immortal Bird”


How to get there?

Take Metro Line 2 (Orange Line) to Yipintianxia Station – Exit B.



The New Century Global Centre is the world’s largest building in terms of its floor area.

Global Center.jpg

How to get there?

Take Metro Line 1 (Purple Line) to Jincheng Plaza – Exit E1.



The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu was the home of the famous poet, Du Fu (duh), over a thousand years ago. He was alive during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu is now made up of the Fan’an Temple in the east and the Plum Garden in the west.

Dufu's cottage.jpg

How to get there?

Take bus 19, 35, 58, 82, 151, 165, 170, 309, 319, 1024 or 1031, and get off at Du Fu Cao Tang station. 

Take Metro Line 4 (Green Line) to Caotang Road North.