CD2 and CD5 say goodbye to Summer Course:

Summer Course is now over, and it has taken everyone a few weeks to recover and repair. But holidays are just around the corner with National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Summer Course was an intense period of teaching, where at some schools we were in the office 9-9 trying and testing out a range of new ideas and activities to help our children learn phonics, instill confidence, and use language creatively. It was also a time for napping between lessons and lesson planning as we needed time to recoup and recover if we were teaching for 7 hours a day. But whilst CD5 had been converted into a jungle with a wide array of flowers bought for one another as Ghost gifts, and we now had every single animal pillow that you can possibly buy from the Miniso – many a teacher’s favourite store - downstairs, teachers at CD2 were on the hunt for adventure and exploring the school – something to break up the lesson planning and teaching, by stretching their legs. They found… a secret door (which in fact isn’t that secret as it sticks out against the white paint...)

What is behind the secret door you ask? Narnia? Tom Thunder and King Scissors at Candy Mountain? A brick wall? Nope. A flight of stairs which leads up to CD2’s rooftop. A nice open space to relax surrounded by wonderful views of the high-rise flats in Tongzilin.

CD5 and CD2 have strong ties for a host of reasons, and so a Barbecue/BBQ/Braai was planned which took a few weeks to coordinate because Summer Course is a time when teachers are running left, right, and centre, and then just need to collapse into their office chair for five minutes to recuperate. So it was down to the wonderful Nadine who managed to pull off such a spectacular barbecue and get together.

summer course3.jpg
summer course 1.jpg
summer course2.jpg

No sooner had we stepped through the door, when we were roped in to cutting, peeling, and chopping all the vegetables for the BBQ because last night's had been left in buckets to preserve them, and…ironically…had rotted. But like a well oiled machine, in the kitchen and upstairs on the roof, and the CD5 and CD2 teams managed to pull it off in style converting a dull, dusty, open space into a colourful haven full of fairylights. With everyone zipping around like fairies to clog up their wechat feeds with ‘life is beautiful’ collages.
Great to see schools working hard, and playing hard together!

summer course5.jpg
summer course6.jpg